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James Brooks Abstract Expressionism-New York School 1950s action painting

New York School  Action Painting

Post World War II Abstract Expressionist Artists in New York City represented a new artistic innovation that by the 1950's had been recognized across the Atlantic including Paris. New York School Action Painting became the leading art movement of the postwar era.The artists who were responsible for the new innovation were living in Lower Manhattan.
Expressionism had been first used in Germany in 1919in the magazine Der Sturm, regarding German Expressionism.  Alfred Barr was the first to use this term in 1929 in relation to workscreated by Vassily Kandinsky.

Early New York School Action Painters

James Brooks (1906-1992)

Brooks was amongst the first abstract expressionists to use staining as an important technique. According to art critic, Carter Ratcliff: 
"His concern has always been to create painterly accidents of the kind that allow buried personal meanings to take on visibility."

James Brooks, BERL, 1956.
Oil on canvas, 62 x 66 inches. 
All rights reserved by the artist or his legal delegates.

This painting is illustrated in the book: 
New York School Abstract Expressionists: Artists Choice by Artists  p.80 

James Brooks, Untitled, 1952
Oil on board 23 x 16 in
All rights reserved by the artist or his legal delegates.

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